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The Pro-Select³ is a state-of-the-art scaler that significantly reduces the need for hand instrumentation,

plus an irrigation system, in one compact unit. Pro-Select³ Periodontal Therapy Systems provide

a 3-step approach to the prevention, treatment and control of periodontal disease by combining ultrasonics,

ultrasonics with medicaments and heated sub gingival irrigation.

This closed, multi-fluid system offers choices of purified water, antimicrobials, disinfectants, and desensitizing solutions.

Pro-Select³ combines the most advanced piezo-ultrasonic technology

with a heated irrigation system that effectively delivers solutions... in one compact unit.

It accomplishes gross scaling to definitive periodontal debridement... with total patient comfort.


  • Computerized control unit
    Designer UV dust cover
  • Autoclavable scaler handpiece with cassette
  • Autoclavable heated irrigator hand piece with cassette
  • Power transformer
  • 4 autoclavable solution bottles
  • Woodside Dental Located in the corner of Westwood & Wilshire Blvd

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